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Sansui TV Remote Controls

Model NumberRemote
ID Number
Part Number
325DS641 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
32E4080 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
39E5090 076K0UU011 076K0UU011
40C5052 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
40E6090 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
50E7090 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
CDVD1300W 076R0HE060 076R0HE06A
CDVD1300WA 076R0HE060 076R0HE06A
CDVD1310 076R0HE040 076R0HE04A
CDVD1310 076R0HE040 076R0HE04B
CDVD1310A 076R0HE100 076R0HE100
CDVD1310B 076R0HE100 076R0HE100
CDVD1900 07660DT090 076R0DT090
CDVD1900A 076RODT160 076R0DT160
CDVD1900B 076RODT160 076R0DT160
CDVD1900C 076R0HE060 076R0HE06A
CDVD1900D 076R0HE040 076R0HE04A
CDVD1900D 076R0HE040 076R0HE04B
CDVD1900E 076R0HE100 076R0HE100
CDVD1900F 076R0HE100 076R0HE100
CDVD2500 07660CV010 07660CV010
CDVD2500A 07660CV010 07660CV010
CDVD9000 07660DT04B 07660DT04B
CDVD9000A 07660DT090 076R0DT090
CDVD9000B 076R0DT150 076R0DT150
CDVD9000C 07660DT090 076R0DT090
CDVD9000S 076R0HE040 076R0HE04A
CDVD9000S 076R0HE040 076R0HE04B
CLD0065 07660CG050 07660CG050
COM01312 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM01312 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM01320 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM01320 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM01912 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM01912 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM01920 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM01920 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM0950 0766093070 0766093070
COM0950A 0766075040 0766075040
COM0950A 0766093070 0766093070
COM0950A 0766075040 076B075040
COM0950AW 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM0950AW 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM0950B 0766075040 0766075040
COM0950B 076609301B 0766093010
COM0950B 0766075040 076B075040
COM0950C 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM0952 0766093100 0766093100
COM0952A 0766093100 0766093100
COM0952AW 0766093100 0766093100
COM0953 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM0953 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM0953A 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM0953A 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM0960 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM0960A 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM0961 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM0961A 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM0961B 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM1307AC 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1307AC 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1307AD 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1307AD 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1312 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1312 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1315 0766093150 076609315B
COM1316 076ROBH060 076ROBH060
COM1320 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1320 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1320A 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1320A 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1912 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1912 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1920 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1920 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1920A 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM1920A 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
COM1950 876R084010 076R084010
COM2550 076R062040 076R062040
COM2551 076609301B 0766093010
COM3100 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM3100A 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM3100B 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM3100C 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM3100D 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM3101 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM3101A 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM3101B 076R0JE010 076R0JE01A
COM311AD 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM311ADA 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM311ADB 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM312AD 07660CG020 076R0CG020
COM5200 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM7200 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM9100 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM9100A 076ROCG010 076R0CG010
COM9100D 076ROBH010 076ROBH010
COM9100D 076ROBH010 076ROBH01A
DFTC2000 076R0NR010 076R0NR010
DFTV200 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DFTV200 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DFTV200A 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DFTV200A 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DFTV270 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DFTV270 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DFTV270A 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DFTV270A 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DFTV275 07640KL030 07640KL030
DFTV275A 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DFTV275A 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV1300 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV1300 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV1300A 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV1300A 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV1900 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV1900 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV1900A 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV1900A 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV1900B 076E0NJ060 076E0NJ060
DTV2700 07640KL030 07640KL030
DTV2700B 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV2700B 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV2750 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV2750 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV2750A 076E0NJ060 076E0NJ060
DTV2760 07640KL030 07640KL030
DTV2760A 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV2760A 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV2760B 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV2760B 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV2760C 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV2760C 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV2760D 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV2760D 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV2798 076E0NJ060 076E0NJ060
DTV2798A 076E0NJ060 076E0NJ060
DTV3200 07640KL030 07640KL030
DTV3200A 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV3200A 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
DTV3250 076E0NJ010 07640NJ010
DTV3250 076E0NJ010 076E0NJ010
FHDBDP3209 076R0RB011 076R0RB011
FTC2075 076R0HH01A 076R0HH01A
FTC2075A 076R0HH01A 076R0HH01A
FTC2075C 076R0HH01A 076R0HH01A
FTC2475 076R0HH01A 076R0HH01A
HDLCD185W 076E0RC011 076E0RC011
HDLCD1900 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD1900A 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD1900B 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD1908 076E0PV011 076E0PV011
HDLCD1908A 076E0PV011 076E0PV011
HDLCD1908B 076E0PV011 076E0PV011
HDLCD1908C 076E0PV011 076E0PV011
HDLCD1909 076E0RC011 076E0RC011
HDLCD1912 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1912A 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1912B 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1912C 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1912D 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1912E 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1955 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1955A 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1955B 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1955C 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD1955W 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD19WB 076E0RC011 076E0RC011
HDLCD2200 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD2212 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD2212A 076E0PV021 076E0PV021
HDLCD2600 076R0MJ030 076R0MJ030
HDLCD2600A 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD2612 076R0QK011 076R0QK011
HDLCD2612B 076R0RF011 076R0RF011
HDLCD2612C 076R0RF011 076R0RF011
HDLCD2650 076R0SM021 076R0SM021
HDLCD2650A 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD3200 076R0MJ030 076R0MJ030
HDLCD3200A 076R0MJ030 076R0MJ030
HDLCD3200B 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD3200C 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD3210 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD3210A 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD3210B 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD3212 076R0QK011 076R0QK011
HDLCD3212A 076R0QK011 076R0QK011
HDLCD322C 076R0RF011 076R0RF011
HDLCD3250 076R0SM021 076R0SM021
HDLCD3250A 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD3250B 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD3250C 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD3250D 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD3258 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD3700 076R0MJ030 076R0MJ030
HDLCD3700C 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD3700D 076R0MJ041 076R0MJ041
HDLCD4050 076R0SM021 076R0SM021
HDLCD4050B 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD4050C 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD4050D 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD4050E 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD4060 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD4212 076R0QK011 076R0QK011
HDLCD4650 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD4650A 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD5050 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD5050A 076R0TA021 076R0TA021
HDLCD54212A 076R0RF011 076R0RF011
HDLCDDVD32 076R0LJ020 076R0LJ020
HDLCDVD190 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD190A 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD195 076R0LJ041 076R0LJ041
HDLCDVD195A 076R0LJ041 076R0LJ041
HDLCDVD195B 076R0LJ041 076R0LJ041
HDLCDVD195C 076R0LJ041 076R0LJ041
HDLCDVD220 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD225 076R0LJ041 076R0LJ041
HDLCDVD260 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD260A 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD260B 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD260C 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD265 076R0LJ041 076R0LJ041
HDLCDVD265A 076R0LJ041 076R0LJ041
HDLCDVD320 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD320A 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD320B 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD323 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD323A 076R0LJ030 076R0LJ030
HDLCDVD325 076R0LJ020 076R0LJ020
HDLCDVD325B 076R0LJ020 076R0LJ020
HDLCDVD328 076R0RG011 076R0RG011
HDPDP4200 076R0KE030 076R0KE030
HDPDP4200A 076R0KE030 076R0KE030
HDPDP4200B 076R0MF010 076R0MF010
HDPDP4250 076R0MF030 076R0MF030
HDPDP5000 076R0MF010 076R0MF010
HDPDP5050 076R0MF030 076R0MF030
HDTV2600 076R0KE010 076R0KE010
HDTV3000 076R0KE010 076R0KE010
HDTV3000D 076R0MJ010 076R0MJ010
LCDVD150 076N0HE020 076N0HE020
LCDVD200 076N0HE020 076N0HE020
LCDVD200A 076N0HE020 076N0HE020
LCDVD200B 076R0HE020 076R0HE02A
LCDVD200B 076R0HE020 076R0HE02B
LCDVD200BA 076R0HE110 076R0HE110
LCDVD200X 076R0HE020 076R0HE02A
LCDVD200X 076R0HE020 076R0HE02B
LCDW2300 07640KL010 07640KL010
LCDW2300 07640LK010 07640LK01A
LCDWDVD230 076R0LJ010 076R0LJ010
LCDWDVD320 076R0LJ010 076R0LJ010
MCB3100AD 076ROBH060 076ROBH060
MXT1303AD 076R074110 076R074110
SLED1928 076E0PV061 076E0PV061
SLED1928A 076E0TT011 076E0TT011
SLED1937 076E0TT011 076E0TT011
SLED1953W 076E0TT011 076E0TT011
SLED1980 076R0RF021 076R0RF021
SLED1980A 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED1980B 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED1980C 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED1980D 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED2228 076E0PV061 076E0PV061
SLED2237 076E0TT011 076E0TT011
SLED2280 076R0RF021 076R0RF021
SLED2280A 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED2282 076R0SM041 076R0SM041
SLED2400 076K0UT011 076K0UT011
SLED2400A 076K0UT011 076K0UT011
SLED2400C 076K0UT011 076K0UT011
SLED2400D 076K0UT011 076K0UT011
SLED2453W 076E0TT011 076E0TT011
SLED2468W 076K0UT011 076K0UT011
SLED2480 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED2480A 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED2480B 076E0TT011 076E0TT011
SLED2480C 076E0TT011 076E0TT011
SLED2490 076K0UT011 076K0UT011
SLED2900 076K0UU011 076K0UU011
SLED3200 076K0UU011 076K0UU011
SLED3228 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED3280 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED3900 076K0UU011 076K0UU011
SLED3900A 076K0UU011 076K0UU011
SLED4280 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED4668W 076K0UU011 076K0UU011
SLED4680 076R0SM011 076R0SM011
SLED5000 076K0UU011 076K0UU011
SLEDVD196 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD197 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD198 076R0RG021 076R0RG021
SLEDVD226 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD244 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD249 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD249A 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD329 076R0RG011 076R0RG011
SLEDVD329A 076R0RG021 076R0RG021
SLEDVD329C 076R0RG021 076R0RG021
SLEDVD329D 076R0RG021 076R0RG021
SLEDVD329E 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD329F 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SLEDVD329H 076R0LJ061 076R0LJ061
SNVT-1313 07660CG020 076R0CG020
SNVT1331 076609301B 0766093010
TCD2075 076D0FH020 076D0FH020
TCD2075A 076R0HH01A 076R0HH01A
TCD2075B 076R0HH01A 076R0HH01A
TDC2075 076D0FH020 076D0FH020
TDC2075A 076N0HH010 076N0HH010
TDC2075B 076R0HH01A 076R0HH01A
TDC2075C 076N0HH010 076N0HH010
TV1331B-A 076NODW010 076N0DW010
TVM0903 076R0CX010 076ROCX010
TVM1300AC 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1300C 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1302 076R074050 076R074050
TVM1302A 076R074050 076R074050
TVM1302S 076R074140 076R074140
TVM1307AD 076R074110 076R074110
TVM1307S 076R074110 076R074110
TVM1310 076R074100 076R074100
TVM1313 076R074050 076R074050
TVM1315 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1315A 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1315B 076R074180 076R074180
TVM1315C 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM1315D 076NODW010 076N0DW010
TVM1315D 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM1316 076NODW010 076N0DW010
TVM1316 076R074250 076R074250
TVM1316A 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM1316B 076NODW010 076N0DW010
TVM1316B 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM1316B-C 076NODW010 076N0DW010
TVM1316C 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM1316D 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM1316E 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM1316F 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM131AD 076R074270 076R074270
TVM1900AC 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1900C 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1902 076R074050 076R074050
TVM1902A 076R074050 076R074050
TVM1903 076R074050 076R074050
TVM1913 076R074050 076R074050
TVM1915 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1915A 076R074150 076R074150
TVM1915B 076R074180 076R074180
TVM1915C 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM1915D 076NODW010 076N0DW010
TVM1915D 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM1916 076R074250 076R074250
TVM1916A 076R074250 076R074250
TVM1916C 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM1916D 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM1916E 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM1916F 076NODW090 076N0DW090
TVM2500 076R074150 076R074150
TVM2500AC 076R074150 076R074150
TVM2500C 076R074150 076R074150
TVM2502 076R074050 076R074050
TVM2502A 076R074050 076R074050
TVM2515 076R074150 076R074150
TVM2515A 076R074180 076R074180
TVM2515B 076R074180 076R074180
TVM2515C 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM2515C/G 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM2515CG 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM2515G 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM2515G/A 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM2515G/B 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM2515GA 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM2515GB 076N0DW020 076NODW020
TVM9180 076R056290 076R056290
TVS2001 076R074140 076R074140
TVS2001A 076R074150 076R074150
TVS203A 076R0DJ030 076R0DJ030
TVS203B 076R0DJ030 076R0DJ030
TVS203C 076N0DW190 076N0DW190
TVS203D 076N0DW190 076N0DW190
TVS2040 076N0DW040 076NODW040
TVS2340 076N0DW040 076NODW040
TVS2540 076R074160 076R074160
TVS2540A 076R074170 076R074170
TVS2540B 076R074170 076R074170
TVS2540C 076N0DW050 076N0DW050
TVS2540C/G 076N0DW050 076N0DW050
TVS2540CG 076N0DW050 076N0DW050
TVS2540G 076N0DW050 076N0DW050
TVS2540G-A 076N0DW050 076N0DW050
TVS2540G/A 076N0DW050 076N0DW050
TVS2541 076R074170 076R074170
TVS2542A 076R074160 076R074160
TVS2542B 076N0DW040 076NODW040
TVS273 076R0HV010 076R0HV010
TVS273A 07640KL010 07640KL010
TVS2740 076R074160 076R074160
TVS2740A 076R074160 076R074160
TVS2740B 076R074170 076R074170
TVS2740G 076N0DW040 076NODW040
TVS2745 076DOFM010 076D0FM010
TVS2746 076DOFM010 076D0FM010
TVS2746 076D0FM01A 076D0FM01A
TVS2746A 076N0GT010 076N0GT010
TVS2746B 076N0GT010 076N0GT010
TVS2746C 076N0GT010 076N0GT010
TVS2746D 076N0DW120 076N0DW120
TVS2750 076N0DW130 076N0DW130
TVS3240 07660CS010 07660CS01B
TVS3245 076RODJ02B 076RODJ02B
TVS3245A 076DOFM010 076D0FM010
TVS3245A 076D0FM01A 076D0FM01A
TVS3245B 076N0GT010 076N0GT010
TVS3275 076N0GT020 076N0GT020
TVS3275A 076N0DW130 076N0DW130